Guilford Gardens, located in suburban NW Oklahoma City, is a two-acre urban farm dedicated to producing high-quality local food.

Guilford Garden's 2012 CSA
We have room in our Summer CSA program.
Please email or call for more information.

Weekly Bags:

The Spring CSA bags are chock full of greens, perfect for salad lovers and those who enjoy cooking with greens. A typical $20 Spring CSA basket might include lettuce, spinach, arugula, green onions or carrots or beets or sweet turnips, radishes, sunflower and pea shoots, and chard or kale or other braising greens. The Spring CSA is from early March through the end of May. Members may sign up by the month.

A typical $25-$30 Summer CSA bag might include: cherry and/or full-size tomatoes, potatoes, summer squash, eggplant, onions, basil, lettuce and/or okra. The Summer CSA is from early June through mid-August. Members sign up for the 10-week period; a $120 deposit is required. The deposit is paid back in July.

A typical $20 Fall CSA bag might include: summer squash, sweet peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, lettuce, arugula, spinach, beets/carrots/sweet turnips or sweet potatoes. The Fall CSA is from early September through mid-December. Members may sign up by the month.

We also sometimes include items from other local growers such as free-range eggs, cantaloupe, sweet corn, and winter squash.

Delivery/Pick-Up: From late October through April, CSA bags are delivered to members’ homes or workplaces within a designated delivery area.
May to late October, members pick up their CSA bags at the Farmers Market on NW 63rd and Western on Wednesdays (time TBD.)

How to Join: email us if you would like to join.

History: Kamala Gamble began the Guildford Gardens CSA over 10 years ago. With a deep dedication to local food and cooking with fresh, healthy ingredients, Kamala started a large garden in her backyard. This has now expanded to a 2-acre urban farm.

Guilford Gardens began with a summer-only CSA, and has now expanded to offer spring, summer and fall CSA options. We are fortunate to have many dedicated members who have been with us from the beginning, and thank all of our members for their enthusiastic support of local food and local farmers.

More info: click here to see our recent member survey. You can also reach us by email. We are planning an Open House for Guilford Gardens later in the spring; check back for dates.

Suan Kham Mung – Suan can fix anything, plant anything. He is a mechanic extraordinaire. Suan is in his third year with Guilford Gardens. Extending the CSA season means we can provide Suan with year-round employment. Suan comes to us from Burma, and will hopefully be joined by his wife and daughter soon.

Elia Woods – Elia is a local artist, and is in her second year as Farm Manager of Guilford Gardens. We never want her to leave, although we understand that she may have to move on eventually to start her own urban farm. Lia has twenty-plus years of gardening experience.

Mary King – Mary is the newest addition to our staff, and continues our long-standing commitment to training future farmers. She has worked as a farm intern on both coasts, and is in charge of our CSA. It is her friendly face will greet you at the Farmers Market.

Customer Comments

Got my first order of veggies yesterday. I was very pleasantly surprised
at what I got for my  money!  I was so thrilled and hope I can continue
to receive these veggies regularly.

Loved loved loved the white sweet potatoes!!

I have to tell you that I was going to cook the carrots,  
but I washed one and ate it…and then another…and ….  They are the  

Keep the sprouts coming!  They are wonderful mixed with the spicy  
Arugula. My favorite salad EVER!!!  Thank you for all you do!

Please give me an extra spinach!  This stuff is so fresh and it doesn’t cook down like store-bought.  We’re loving it!

In the midst of the cold temps it is nice to have some FRESHLY picked vegetables.

Yesterday I received my first food basket from you. I LOVED IT!  Thank you so much.


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