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Cooking Classes Want to perfect your already good culinary skills, try a new dish, or just get out of the house with your friends.  Try one of our cooking classes today.  A list of the classes is included and a more complete description is on the website.  You can also custom design your own class, name the menu, time, date and invitees.  We have had couple & bridal showers, supper clubs, Holiday Parties or just a group of friends over for Mexican, Italian, Desserts or cooking out of the garden.

Slow Food: Think of fast food . . . now think of the opposite of that and you basically have the concept of Slow Food. It’s really about connecting people with the best food available – food that is locally, seasonally and sustainably grown. Kam’s Kookery and Guilford Gardens has been pleased to be part of the founding of Oklahoma City ’s own Slow Food Convivium. In the last year we have enjoyed quarterly events that have showcased local growers and producers of the finest quality of food our state has to offer. If you love food and would like to enjoy it at a leisurely pace, why not come to our next Slow Food Event on September 18th
If interested, just email us and we’ll notify you of time and place as the date approaches.

Visit the OKC Convivium website at www.slowfoodokc.com
If you’d like to learn more about Slow Food,
feel free to visit their website at www.slowfoodusa.org.

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Guilford Gardens   We sell seasonal, organically grown vegetables and herbs through our CSA program, Farmer's Market and a select group of local restaurants.  Take a look at what we have to offer.


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